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Unions protest over 180 East Coast call centre job cuts (May 27, 2011)
posted to RMTV June 7, 2011
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East Coast, in public hands following the serial collapse of franchises run by GNER and National Express, has given preferred-bidder status for customer-relations functions to Intelenet Global Services, which has operations in Plymouth and Mumbai, and to ATOS Origin, which operates in Wolverhampton. RMT has called the decision a "bitter blow to the economy and communities of the northeast" which, if allowed by the government to stand, showed an "astonishing" lack of commitment to protecting jobs in the region. RMT has also been informed by Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah that she has information from a reliable source that three companies - The Listening Company, Teleperformance and Journey Call - had bid for the work not only on the basis of keeping it in the UK but also keeping it on Tyneside. The rejection of those bids confirms RMT suspicions that the Government have been hell-bent on exporting the work regardless of the cost to the local economy.
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