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Network Rail workers lobby MPs over job cuts
January 27, 2010
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RAIL UNION RMT today (January 27, 2010) handed a dossier of safety failures and maintenance cuts to MPs as rail workers lobbied parliament in protest at plans by Network Rail to axe a further 1,500 safety-critical jobs. Hundreds of rail workers have contacted a confidential RMT email line to say lives could be put at risk. The dossier highlights the worst examples of where the scaling back of work and changing standards in preparation for the job cuts are already leading to a serious deterioration in safety. These first-hand accounts make for extremely disturbing reading. Examples include: - · Reduced track safety inspections · Delaying the repair of faulty level crossings · Reduced safety checks on railway signals At 12.30pm today (27th January) rail workers from across the UK will be outside Parliament sending out the clear message that Rail Cuts Cost Lives and calling on MPs and the Government to demand that Network Rail call a halt to the maintenance job cuts plans.
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