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Department for Transport lobby on Grayrigg anniversary
February 23, 2010
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THREE YEARS to the day after the fatal Grayrigg crash, RMT rail workers lobbied the Department for Transport in London to demand an end to plans to axe 1,500 safety critical rail jobs and for safety recommendations arising out of the crash to be implemented in full. Following the union's successful lobby of parliament in January 128 MPs have now signed a parliamentary motion calling on Network Rail to reverse the job cuts it intends to implement as part of a massive cost-saving plan. The MPs express their concern that these deep and rapid cuts raise genuine and urgent concerns as to whether Network Rail will be able to ensure the safe and efficient running of the railway. During the lobby the union handed in a letter of protest to Andrew Adonis, the Secretary of State for Transport, asking that him to intervene to stop the cuts. Interview with Craig Johnston (RMT Executive).
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