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René González Leaving Prison
Posted to RMTv, October 13, 2011
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René González -- one of the Miami Five -- was released from prison on 7 October 2011 following 13 years of unjust incarceration. This film -- filmed by relatives of René -- documents the moment the Cuban antiterrorist left Marianna prison in Florida at 4.30am. Although Rene has been released from prison, he is not free and must spend a further 3 years on probation in Miami, despite the fact that his wife, children and family all live in Cuba. This is an extra and cruel punishment imposed by the US on Rene. By forcing Rene to remain in the US, his life is in danger from the very anti-Cuba terrorist organisations that he was in the country to infiltrate. Furthermore, inflammatory statements from US Congresswoman Lleana Ros-Lehtinen calling him an "enemy of America" further threaten his safety. Please write to President Obama requesting he intervene in this case today. A model letter can be found here: http://www.cuba-solidarity.org.uk/news.asp?ItemID=2094 CSC's statement on Rene's release can be read here: http://www.cuba-solidarity.org.uk/news.asp?ItemID=2099
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